[Tutorial] Step-by-Step Point-Transfer: Chase Ultimate Rewards


Chase Ultimate Rewards – One of the best systems to transfer points to your airline / hotel programs!!

Step-by-Step Point-Transfer Tutorial:

  1. Chase Ultimate Rewards
  2. American Express Membership Rewards
  3. Citi Thank You Points
  4. Starwood Preferred Guest Starpoints

Please check this article before reading this tutorial if you are not familiar with the Chase Ultimate Rewards program. Here is the step-by-step tutorial to show you how to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to airline/hotel partners. 

First, log in your Chase online account, and you will see “Ultimate Rewards” and your points on the left side of the screen. Click it and you will see the following screen:

you can choose any card to enter Ultimate Rewards website

For example, I have Chase Ink Plus (This card has been already discontinued by Chase) credit card. This is one of the cards that you can transfer UR points to airline/hotel program (The other cards are Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserved and Chase Ink Reserved. These cards will show up if you have any of them). After you choose Chase Ink Plus, you will see the following screen:

Ultimate Rewards website

Click “Use Points”, and then click “Transfer to Travel Partner” (red arrow on the figure above). You will see the following screen with all transfer partners and the partners to which you have transferred your points before (Saved Frequent Traver Programs).

Saved transfer partners in your profile

Airline & Hotel transfer partners

Let's use Singapore Airlines as the example. I would like to transfer my UR points to Singapore Airlines. After clicking on Singapore Airlines, you will see the following screen:

you will need to choose the recipient and input your member ID

You will need to select the recipient (There are some limitations for recipient, it would be better to choose yourself as recipient). After entering your Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer account number, you can click “Continue”, and the following screen will be seen:

Enter the number of points you would like to transfer

Enter the number of points you would like to transfer and click “Continue”. You will see the review screen next before you initiate the transfer:


Review screen before initiating the transfer

You can click “Continue & Submit” to finish the process when all the information is correct. The system will send out the notification email to inform you the process is completed. Here is the list of time requirement for Chase to complete the point-transfer to partners:

Airline Partners:

  • British Airways: Instant
  • Korean Air: Instant
  • Air France / KLM: Instant
  • United Airlines: Instant
  • Southwest Airlines: Instant
  • Singapore Airlines: In 24 hours
  • Virgin Atlantic: Instant


  • Hyatt: Instant
  • IHG: In 24 hours
  • Marriott: In 48 hours
  • Ritz-Carlton: In 48 hours

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