How to Search for the Best Seat on the Plane by “Seatguru”?


People sometimes worry about how to choose the seat on the airplane because you are not going to enjoy a bad seat for a long-haul flight. Therefore, I am going to introduce a great website for searching good seats, which is called “Seatguru”. Here is the step-by-step tutorial of how to use the Seatguru website to search for seats.

First, opening the Seatguru website, then click “Browse Airlines”, you will see the following screen:

Let's use EVA Air as an example. Click “EVA Air” when you see it at the drop-down menu of “Browse Airlines”. Then, you will see the following screen: 

EVA Air are currently flying Boeing 777-300ER (77W) for the flights between Taiwan and North America. Although there are several different types of 77W aircraft, the overall layout is quite similar. As you can see, the available hardware on the aircraft has been shown at the right side of the aircraft list, such as screen, Wifi connectivity and seats for infants. When you click one type of aircraft, you should be able to see the seats which is highly recommended or should be avoided. Therefore, it is always great to know your seat choices before you board the airplane.

Now let me give you more information by showing seat map of 2 airlines from Seatguru:

(1) EVA Air

EVA Air's Royal Laurel Class is one of the greatest business class products (reverse-herringbone type) for transpacific routes. Although all of the business class seats look great and comfatable, there are some differences among seats. Let me take Boeing 777-300ER as an example.

As you can see from the following figure, most of seats have shown in white color, which means those seats should good without any concern. Then, you can see there are few seats has the yellow color, you can see why the have shown in yellow color when you move your mouse cursor to those seats. In fact, these seats are close to lavatories or galley, so you might have some noise surrounded since those places could be busy sometimes. You should try to avoid these seats if possible.

EVA Air's Royal Laurel Class seat map from Seatguru (Boeing 777-300ER)

(2) Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific's business class is also one of the best business class products for transpacific route. With the reverse-herringbone type of seats, passengers could enjoy the privacy and the huge space when flying. Currently Cathay Pacific flies Boeing 777-300ER between Hong Kong and North America. Let's just take a look to find out which seats should be avoided.

As you can see from the following figure, not only you can see seats close to lavatories or galley in yellow color (you may want to avoid these seats), but also there is one seat in red color, which means it should be extremely avoided. When you put your mouse cursor to this red seat, you will see the note mentioning that there is no window access for this seat. If you are the person who likes to enjoy the view outside of the aircraft when flying, these seat should not be your choice. 

Cathay Pacific's business class sesat map from Seatguru (Boeing 777-300ER)

I do hope you could understand how to choose the right seats when flying by using Seatguru after reading this article. It is a great tool to check seats on the aircraft which can be good or bad. Hopefully our readers can take the advantage of using Seatguru to find out your best seat when flying! 

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