[News] United Airlines will Introduce Daily Boeing 777-300ER Flights between San Francisco and Taipei


According to the report (click me), United Airlines will fly Boeing 777-300ER aircraft for San Francisco ~ Taipei flights. It can be considered as a huge upgrade comparing to the current Boeing 747-400 aircraft, which United Airlines have tried to retire as soon as possible. Here is the flight schedule:

  • UA 871, San Francisco to Taipei, departing 2:25 PM, arriving 6:30 PM (+1 day)
  • UA 872, Taipei to San Francisco, departing 9:50 AM, arriving 6:35 AM

Since United Airlines has introduced their new Polaris Business Class in the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, this should be a great option for people who are looking for the award redemption for North America ~ Asia route.

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