The Best Credit Card for Non-Bonus Spending Category: AMEX Blue Business Plus


American Express has recently launched a great card: AMEX Blue Business Plus, for earning Membership Rewards (MR) points. Although this card looks really similar to AMEX “Blue” series credit card, it has the ability to earn valuable MR points for travel purposes instead of pure cash-back. For points and miles enthusiasts, this card is a must-have card because of its MR-points earning rate. Let’s see how this card can be a game-changing card for the points and miles world.

Five Reasons of Applying for AMEX Blue Business Plus:

1. 2x MR Points Per Dollar Spending for EVERYTHING

You are eligible to earn 2x MR points per dollar (first $50,000 total spending on this card for each year) in all kinds of spending category. Although AMEX Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) credit card has been widely considered to be the best card for non-spending categories because of the versatility of SPG points, this one should be your new card for EACH of non-bonus spending categories since you are able to earn more points!

Comparing earning rate of 2x MR points from this card and 1x SPG point for AMEX SPG card, it is obvious that this card has the great advantage in earning points! You should use this card for tuition, utility bill, car-service fee…,etc to earn lots of MR points from now on. 

2. 20,000 MR Points as Opening Bonus

You can earn 20,000 MR points once you have spent $3,000 in first 90 days of account opening. Along with the points earned from spending requirement, you can earn the points up to 26,000 MR points during the first 3 months, which can be used for one-way upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class for North America – Asia route! There is no clear deadline that when the opening bonus will be unavailable. However, if you have the immediate spending requirement, this card should be a no-brainer! 

3. No Annual Fee

We usually suggest our readers to keep the credit cards for long term as long as the cards don’t charge you annual fee. Also, with the access to AMEX Offer, you are able to save more money because AMEX Offer usually gives you the opportunity to earn 20 ~ 50% rebates. Therefore, this card should be in your wallet everyday since you could have a chance to earn not only the MR points but also cash rebates from AMEX Offer.

4. Transfer MR Points to Airline Partners

You are able to transfer your MR points to AMEX’s airline partners, which could help you redeem for award tickets. Like AMEX Everyday credit card, you don’t even need to have premium AMEX cards (with annual fee) to be eligible to transfer MR points, which is very useful for people who love earning AMEX MR points.

5. Will Not Be Counted for Chase’s Notorious 5/24 Rule

Lots of people will be concerned about applying for new credit cards because of Chase’s 5/24 rule, which has been applied for most of Chase’s credit cards. You are not going to be approved for credit cards from Chase if you have been approved for more than 5 cards from any banks. However, AMEX business credit cards will not be counted in the record of Chase’s 5/24 rule since it will not be seen in your personal credit reports. Chase usually review the credit card application based on the personal credit reports, which means applying this card will still make you eligible to apply for credit cards from Chase in the future!

Here is a simple Q & A session for any of you who may still have concern about applying for this card:

1. Should I apply for this card even I have already had AMEX Blue for Business?

Ans: Definitely! Although using AMEX Blue for Business for spending can earn 2x MR points (first $50,000 spending) for first year with annual 30% additional MR points bonus, you will only get up to 1x MR points with 30% additional MR points bonus starting from the second year. Comparing to the earning rate of AMEX Blue Business Plus, there is no reason not to apply for this card for future use!

2. There is no 20,000 sign-up bonus on AMEX website. Why? 

Ans: It seems like AMEX make the sign-up bonus be available only if you apply for card through referral link. Therefore, we would appreciate if any of our readers who are interested in this card could apply for it through our link. Not only you could earn 20,000 MR points opening bonus, but also we could earn compensation as the support to Tripplus!

3. Should I apply for this card even if I have already had AMEX Everyday (Personal Credit Card)

Ans: Of course! Although AMEX Everyday is a great credit card to earn and transfer MR points without annual fee, it only earns 2x points per dollar for supermarket / grocery store. Comparing to AMEX Blue Business Plus, the earning rate and the number of bonus categories for AMEX Everyday will be hard to compete. Therefore, we could say that AMEX Blue Business Plus card should be one of the best credit cards even for everyday use.




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