How to Follow TripPlus through Social Media?


I would like to say thank you for all of our readers because of your support! I think most of our readers only know this blog. So, today I am going to share some ideas about how to follow us through social media. Right now we have three major ways of sharing our information / articles / photos:

(1) Facebook Fanpage:

We basically share EVERY articles we have on the blog to our Facebook Fanpage. Check out our fanpage (click me) to get more information!

(2) Instagram:

TripPlus has the Instagram account now! Our authors will share the photos when they fly first / business class, or stay at high-end hotels / resorts. Photos of great scenic spots will also be shared on Instagram. Just check out our Instagram (click me) to find out more!

(3) Twitter:

You can also find us at Twitter! Our Twitter account (click me) will also share some information about travel, points, miles, and more. If you don't want to miss anything from TripPlus, follow us on Twitter RIGHT NOW!


Here are three major social media channel for us to share our information / photos. Remember to follow us since we love to have your feedback and interaction all the time!

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