[News] More Hyatt Hotels Will Be Brought Into Taiwan Soon!

Taipei's Xinyi District (Photo Credit: udn.com)

Based on the news report (click me), Hyatt is going to bring two of their luxury brands – Park Hyatt and Andaz into Taipei. The location will be the former China Trust Headquarter Building at the Xinyi District of Taipei (A7). The management team of the investment company for the A7 and Hyatt have already signed the MOU, and two groups are expected to signed the formal deal for construction in the near future. The location is very competitive since it is in the heart of Taipei's Xinyi District, which is the most popular area in the Taipei City.

Based on the news report, Park Hyatt is set to have 200 rooms with the average room rate of $12,000 NTD (~$400 USD) per night. Andaz is set to have 300 rooms with the average room rate of $10,000 NTD (~$330 USD) per night. This is a great news for Hyatt fans since Grand Hyatt Taipei has been the only Hyatt hotel for more than 20 years! We will bring you more updates once we have more information!

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