Introduction to Airline Alliances


The definition of airline alliance is an aviation industry arrangement between two or more airlines agreeing to cooperate. Alliance may provide marketing branding to facilitate travelers making inter-airline codeshare connections within countries (from Wikipedia).

Currently, there are three major airline alliances formed between airlines: Star Alliance, Oneworld, and SkyTeam. I am going to briefly talking about what you need to know for each alliance.

(1) Star Alliance

This is the largest airline alliance in the world. Currently Star Alliance has 27 member airlines, such as EVA Air, United, ANA, Air China

(2) Oneworld

There are currently 14 member airlines in this alliance, such as American Airlines, British Airways, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific.

(3) SkyTeam

There are currently 20 member airlines in this alliance, such as Delta Air Lines, China Airlines, Korean Air, Air France, KLM.

One of the important information about the airline alliance is that there is an agreement between member airlines. This agreement provides the regulations for each member to follow, including the mileage-earning and award redemption, which are the most important things we need to understand. So here are some simple concepts that I would like to have all of our readers to know:

  • When flying any member airlines from one of the 3 major alliances, you are eligible to credit your miles to the mileage program of any other member airlines in the same alliance. For example, you can credit your miles when you fly EVA Air to ANA's program, since EVA Air and ANA are in the same alliance (Star Alliance).
  • You are eligible to redeem your miles from one airline program for any other airlines' award tickets in the same alliance. For example, You can use your EVA Air miles to redeem for ANA's award tickets.

As long as you understand the concept above, you will be able to explore the beauty of the points and miles world!

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