[Guest Review] American Express Centurion Lounge @ Hong Kong Airport (by Smilelong)

Editor's Note: TripPlus really appreciate the review of this new American Express Centurion Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport from one of our guest contributors – Smilelong. This is definitely one of the greatest lounges in Asia I would like to visit next time!


The Newest Centurion Lounge of American Express has finally opened in Asia this month! This brand new American Express Centurion Lounge is near Gate 60 and 61 of Terminal 1 at Hong Kong International Airport. American Express Platinum & Centurion Card holders have complimentary access to this lounge, just like all other American Express Centurion Lounges in the United States. 

I am going to share my review and experience with the following pictures. 

The gate of Centurion Lounge

Front Desk. Your access will be granted once the service representatives check your boarding pass and cards (Platinum or Centurion).

There is a big “American Express” logo in front of me!

The largest conference room in the lounge

This conference room accommodates 6 ~ 8 people.

The mid-size conference room, which can be used with 3 ~ 4 persons.

The smallest conference room for 1 ~ 2 persons.

There are two chairs at the end of the hallway. The main area of the lounge is at the right side.

There are seats and tables.

Along with high-chairs and long desk.

You can also see the round table and bar.

Another area with dining tables and seats.

The buffet area is in front of the dining tables.

The bar for alcohol drinks.

Wine menu

Cocktail menu

Melitta Coffee Machine, you can operate by yourself.

Orange juice (Left) and apple juice (right).

More cold drinks, tea bags, and sparkling water.

Hot soup

Hot dishes in buffet area.

Salad dishes

Ham, cheese, and desserts

More breads in the shelves.

You need to have Centurion Card to get complimentary access to this area.

My Opinions:

  • Although there were only a few kinds of hot dishes, they were all tasty!
  • You can order from not only the alcohols in the menu, but also on the shelves at the bar.
  • The whole area is not very large, but it was quiet when I visited the lounge (it was not crowded).
  • The waiters were very friendly, checking with me frequently to see if I needed something else. 
  • There is only one shower room in this lounge.
  • This is one of the great lounge options in Hong Kong Airport. If you are not flying business / first class, or you don't have any status with airlines, this should be your best place to spend some time before you fly!

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