[News] Marriott Makes Hotel Category Changes


Marriott's will make changes for hotel category starting at 03/06/2018, which means members still have nearly a month to make bookings before these changes start. You can make reservations for dates after the changes start since the deadline is based on when you book.

1,330 hotels participating in Marriott Rewards will be changing categories. With these changes, about 81% of hotels will be moving up in category, and 19% of hotels will be moving down in category. Among hotels participating in Marriott Rewards, 5% are decreasing by one category, and 21% are increasing by one category with 74% remaining unchanged. You can find the full list of Marriott Rewards category changes here (click me).

Here’s the Marriott Rewards redemption chart:

Here’s the chart for Ritz-Carlton properties:

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