[News] TripPlus is The Official Partner of Avianca LifeMiles!


I am pleased to announce the great news that TripPlus is the official partner of Avianca LifeMiles (LifeMiles has already listed TripPlus as one of the official partners on website (click me))! Avianca is one of the current Star Alliance members, which means their frequent flyer program – LifeMiles, can be used to redeem for the following Star Alliance member airlines as examples:

  • All Nippon Airways (ANA)
  • EVA Air
  • United Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • Lufthansa
  • Thai Airways

EVA Air Royal Laurel Class

As the official partner, we are also launching the authorized Chinese version of mileage sale storefront (click me) for our Chinese readers who would like to purchase discounted award miles of Avianca LifeMiles. This is a big step for TripPlus since we have the 2nd airline partner willing to work with TripPlus after the Avios Group has agreed to be our first airline partner. Currently our storefront runs the same promotion as LifeMiles, which does prove that we are the true official partner selling authorized award miles outside of LifeMiles website.

Packages for purchase 

Here are the packages we have offered for our Chinese readers to buy discounted award miles of Avianca LifeMiles: (We are offering up to 135% bonus miles sale!)

(1) Choose the packages to buy and redeem for our recommended routes.

(2) Choose the packages to buy for you and your friends.

(3) Buy the amount of miles you want for future use if you don't have your redemption goal now. (Reminder: You can only purchase up to 200,000 miles per year. Bonus miles will be excluded from the limit)

As you can see, you are able to choose one of the three options to buy discounted award miles of Avianca LifeMiles. You will immediately see the award miles deposited into your account once you have finished purchasing award miles through TripPlus storefront (click me).

Discounted Award Redemption

At the same time, LifeMiles also run the discounted award redemption promotion for certain routes on LifeMiles website. We have discussed with the officials of LifeMiles about the possibility of discounted award redemption. Finally they agreed to offer discounted redemption for some popular routes! You can check the detail of the discounted routes here (click me).

Here are the routes which might be useful for our readers:

(1) North America ~ Taipei: (Discounted redemption for business class only)

  • Los Angeles ~ Taipei
  • San Francisco ~ Taipei
  • Seattle ~ Taipei
  • New York ~ Taipei

(2) North America ~ Hong Kong: (Discounted redemption for business class only)

  • Los Angeles ~ Hong Kong
  • San Francisco ~ Hong Kong

(3) North America ~ Seoul: (Discounted redemption for business class & first class)

  • New York ~ Seoul
  • Los Angeles ~ Seoul

(4) North America ~ China:

  • New York ~ Beijing (Discounted redemption for business class & first class)
  • Los Angeles ~ Beijing (Discounted redemption for business class & first class)
  • New York ~ Shanghai (Discounted redemption for business class only)
  • Los Angeles ~ Shanghai (Discounted redemption for business class only)

The routes I have mentioned above, originally we need to use 75,000 miles for one-way business class and 90,000 miles for first class. However, the required miles for redemption is now lower! You only need as low as 60,000 miles for one-way business class and 72,000 miles for first class. This is a GREAT DEAL because it means you only need to pay for less than $1,800 USD to buy award miles and fly the round-trip business class between North America and Asia under current discounted mileage sale / redemption promotion, save you more than 50% comparing to the regular ticket price! 

You only need to use 60,000 miles for one-way EVA Air Royal Laurel Class from Los Angeles to Taipei!

Our authorized mileage selling promotion will end at 9/18/2018. The discounted award redemption promotion on LifeMiles website for certain routes will also end at 9/18/2018 (You can still redeem for award tickets of certain routes after 9/18/2018). TripPlus is very grateful to have a chance to work with the great airline program such as Avianca LifeMiles. We are also working hard to collaborate with more airline programs. Hopefully our readers can purchase all kinds of airline miles from our Mileage Sale Storefront in the near future!

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