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Here are the current staff/writers of Tripplus Blog:







Randy Wang ([email protected])

Principle Editor (United States)

Randy was a former materials scientist / chemist, born in Taipei, Taiwan. Moved to United States more than 10 years ago to study the PhD. He started to accumulate miles / points 3 years ago, and he has redeemed lots of first class / business class tickets and high-end hotel stays to enjoy the life with his lovely wife and family members. It always makes him feel excited when using points / miles to take the premium cabin class or stay in great hotels without paying a lot, so this hobby can never be stopped…







Tom Huang

Associate Principle Editor (United States)

Tom is a dentist from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. He is always enthusiastic and fervent in travel by miles & points with comfort and flexibility. He has worked so hard to explore all the possibilities of using miles and points for great trips such as sleeper train or around-the-world trip in first class. Miles, point and travel are not only the motivation for his blog-writing work, but also a never-ended practice in his life.







Ryan Lin ([email protected])

Senior Editor (United States)

Ryan is a tech geek, born in Keelung, Taiwan. Moved to San Jose, CA few years ago. Love to travel and want to visit family more often but only has limited budget. So he started his miles/points journey after moving to the US. Now he can make his family and himself all traveling in Business/First class. BTW, before he used to have lots of business travels, collected tons of miles, but never had a chance to accumulate them wisely until now…







Brady Yu ([email protected])

Senior Editor (Taiwan)

Brady is a miles & points aficionado and traveler, born in Pingtung, Taiwan, and probably currently on the road. He has redeemed tens of millions of miles for himself, his family and believers of miles. Traveling in first/business class with the price of coach class, the 29-year-old has been to 30+ countries, and he always wants to be a master of Riesling in life.







Joshua Chen

Senior Credit Card Information Contributor (United States)

Joshua is also known as the Old Fox. He is currently a financial analyst and passionate about utilizing credit card benefits to enrich daily life experience. He started writing credit card strategy guides since 2015. Currently responsible for editing and enhancing the credit card database section of Trip+ Blog. Besides writing about traveling with credit card perks and benefits, Joshua has also written about utilizing the cashback cards to get the most return from daily expenses. Out of many years of playing with credit cards, what makes Joshua proud of his knowledge is using the credit card signup bonuses to bring his wife to travel around the world for proposal, honeymoon, and all other travel experiences.







Simon Hsieh

Senior Daily News Contributor (United States)

Simon is a computer engineer from Chiayi, Taiwan. He has been living in the US for more than a decade. He loves traveling with his family and studying how to travel economically. he began to study points and miles about two years ago. After he started to use points and miles for traveling, his family could enjoy better traveling experiences, travel to more places with spend less money than people thought. he can also help his friends travel to different places with the help of points and miles. Using points and miles to help others achieve their dream of traveling, make his family travel in business/first class, and staying at high-quality hotel are his greatest joy.







Sharon Chen

Senior Points & Miles Contributor (United States)

Sharon fell into the world of miles & points “by accident” after becoming an American Airlines Platinum member due to work/personal travel in 2011, and did her first mileage run at the end of 2012 to maintain her status. There was no turning back after that. She is fortunate to have a husband who is passionate about miles & points as much as she is, if not more. Sharon loves sharing her knowledge and experiences about how miles & points enable her to travel around the world and visit family at the other side of the earth comfortably with her close friends. She joined Trip+ as a contributor in 2016 to further spread the beauty of miles & points to a broader audience. She was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and lives in Boston, working as a health economist in pharmaceutical industry. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with and her husband (who doesn't in Trip+?).






YS Hung

Senior Points & Miles Contributor (United States)

A native of Taipei, YS delved into miles & points primarily because of her conservative husband, who refuses to stay at never-heard-of small hotels or BnBs whenever and wherever possible. Reluctant to spend a fortune and unwilling to cut back on traveling, she soon learned that miles & points is the answer to her frustration. Also, thanks to a few long-time United 1K members in her extended family, she became well-educated in United’s MileagePlus program and has been a United Gold member since 2011. Currently residing in US, YS is a college professor in music, teaching piano and theory/analysis courses.






Charlie King

Senior Points & Miles Contributor (Canada)

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Charlie is a Canadian tax consultant who lives in Vancouver, Canada for 20 years. While studying MBA in Hong Kong 4 years ago, he applied Canadian American Express Platinum Card and earned Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Gold membership under the special situation. Since then, he starts to enjoy the benefits from elite membership and points / miles, which make him step into the paradise and never look back. He is proud of being able to redeem points or pay minimum price for exceptional experience up in the air and stay in the luxury accomandations with family and friends. Therefore, travel with miles / points will be his never-ending project for life…






Derick Liu

Senior Points & Miles Contributor (Canada)

Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Derick has more than 20 years of experience as tarot consultant who resides in Montreal, Canada. He and his family members have been hardcore Cathay Pacific fans for long time. He started to study the frequent mileage / point programs under special circumstance, and found out the beauty of the flying premium class / staying high-end hotels without paying lots of money, which opens a new chapter of his life.






Justin Au

Senior Points & Miles Contributor (Hong Kong)

Justin is a miles/points enthusiast based in Hong Kong. He began his adventure when Accor once gave their platinum membership for free. Since then, he devoted himself to the world of miles and points. He is excited to try different hotels and business class products of airlines. Most importantly, he is fond of sharing these extraordinary reviews with everyone.


Here are our current guest contributors:






Kacy Kao (Blog post by Randy)

Senior Guest Points & Miles Contributor (United States)

Kacy began work as an assistant, and over the next 7 years, she worked her way up the corporate ladder. In 2013 she started her own business related to the NBA. As a turning point in her life, she has also started to travel in first class since 2013. You can find her in first class lounge, casino, highway, karaoke, or basketball courtside.


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