Credit Cards

[Guest Review] American Express Centurion Lounge @ Hong Kong Airport (by Smilelong)

The Newest Centurion Lounge of American Express has finally opened in Asia this month! This brand new American Express Centurion Lounge locates near Gate 60 and 61 of Terminal 1 at Hong Kong International Airport.

Make Your Family Travel Luxuriously by Using Award Miles of All Nippon Airways

I usually like to make my family members fly in premium cabin for long-haul flights when they plan to visit me in United States since they live in Taiwan. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to find a airline program which fits my needs when it comes to family travel.

How To Travel Luxuriosly With Credit Cards Sign-Up Bonus & Mileage Sales?

It may seem to be hard for people to travel in luxury style, such as flying business class or first class. However, here are few tips I would like to share with our readers about how to make it much easier and affordable!

Introduction to US Credit Cards: Which Card Should I Choose?

I think it would be better to write an article for the newbies so you guys could understand the basic knowledge about credit cards for points and miles.

[News] Chase Has Added More Restrictions for Their Sapphire Credit Cards

Based on the news reported from Doctor of Credit (click me), Chase has started to add more restrictions on Sapphire-series credit cards.

[News] New AMEX Offer Has Released Today!

There are several AMEX Offers being released today, and all of them can be added to your AMEX account via Twitter

[News] Chase Hyatt’s Sign-Up Bonus Will Be Changed After June 29th

[News] Chase Hyatt’s Sign-Up Bonus Will Be Changed After June 29th

  According to our news source, the current sign-up bonus of Chase Hyatt Credit Card (click me), which is the two...

The Best Credit Card for Non-Bonus Spending Category: AMEX Blue Business Plus

For points and miles enthusiast, this card is a must-have card because of its MR-points earning rate. Let's see how this card can be a game-changing card for the points and miles world.

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