[ American Express Plenti ] Non-Annual Fee Plenti Reward Card



  • Credit Card Type: Store Reward Card
  • Current Offer: Earn 5,000 Plenti reward points after spending $250 wiithin your first 3 months of Card Membership.
  • Special Offer: No
  • Bonus Category: 3x points per dollar for supermarkets. 2x points per dollar for restaurants. 1x per dollar for all other purchases.
  • Annual Fee: $0


1. With this card, you have access to Amex Offers, which offers additional cash/points rebate for spending.

2. Adding authorized users (additional cards) is free of charge, which can get access to more AMEX Offers.

3. The 3x reward is less attractive than 3% cash-back of AMEX Blue Cash Everyday Card because of its limited ways to use Plenti points. It is widely considered that 3% cash back is better than 3x Plenti reward points.

Restrictions when you apply:

1. You can only apply for one AMEX credit card per day, but the rule does not apply to AMEX charge cards. If you apply one credit card and one charge card on the same day, AMEX are going to combine hard-pull (for credit report). Therefore we suggest the reader apply for another AMEX charge card at the same time when applying AMEX credit card, so the applicant will only be hard-pulled once.

2. Please check the status from this link if you do not get instant approval. We strongly suggest you to call AMEX Reconsider Line to ask them about reconsidering the application if you do not get instant approval or be denied. Generally, you will have a chance to be approved after providing the information they need when calling them. The phone number of AMEX Reconsideration Line is 1-800-567-1083.


The card is good for people who love to earn Plenti rewards points for specified use. It is one of the few AMEX cards that you can get 2x reward point on restaurant spending. It has no annual fee and also gives you access to Amex Offer.

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