[ Citi Double Cash ] Unlimited 2% Cash-Back Card


  • Credit Card Type: Cash-back rewards card
  • Current Offer: None
  • Other Bonus/Benefit: None
  • Bonus Category: Earn cash-back twice with 1% for all purchases and 1% as you pay for those purchases in full.
  • Annual Fee: $0


Recommended for non-bonus category spending, as the Citi Double Cash gives 2% cash back when you pay your bill in full. 

Restrictions when you apply: 

1. You can only apply for one Citi card every eight days, and can apply for no more than two Citi cards every 65 days. Also, you can only apply for one Citi Business card every 95 days. Due to these restrictions, it is not possible to have multiple applications on the same day to combine credit inquiries (hard-pull). 

2. You are not eligible to receive the sign-up bonus if you had received sign-up bonus reward points/miles from the same series in the past 24 months. 

3. If your online application is not instantly approved, you may call the reconsider line 1-800-695-5171 to request for reconsideration. 


2% cash back is not a very good reward in my opinion and thus not worth applying for. However, the Citi Double Cash will be a good product change option from other Citi credit cards that come with a hefty annual fee, as there’s a guaranteed 2% cash back reward.

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